4 Tools and Services to Make Your Employees More Productive

Posted on: 14 March 2016

Productivity is the key having your business succeed, and there are a whole host of tools that you can use to achieve that end, all thanks to the growing digital world. If you need your employees to be working as efficiently as possible, make sure you take advantage of these handy tools and services.

1. A Live Answering Service

In order to be at their most productive, you need your employees to be able to concentrate on their own work; any tasks that distract them need to be eliminated.

A ringing phone is one of the most obvious distractions that office-workers face during the day. Of course, you can't just let it ring without picking up. Instead, have a live answering service like The Message Centre take care of the call for you. Customer and client demands will be handled efficiently by professional receptionists, and your employees will only be contacted when their direct attention is required.

2. Cloud Computing

If your business is still using zip drives or sending documents through emails, you're missing a trick when it comes to productivity, because it is far more convenient to use a cloud storage method instead.

The problem with sending documents and using traditional storage devices is that employees will often find themselves with lots of saved versions of the same document. In contrast, keeping files on the cloud means that different people can work at them at the same time from across the office, or even from different hemispheres.

3. Outsourcing Websites

You hired your employees because they possess a certain set of sought-after skills. In order for them to perform at their best, you need their workload to be focused on using those skills. Other tasks will affect their performance, so try outsourcing basic pieces of busywork as much as possible. You might see that as an unnecessary expense, but you'll more than make it up by keeping your team's focus in the right places.

Luckily, finding freelancers and outside contractors is easier than ever thanks to the internet. There are plenty of popular sites where such people can list their qualifications and experience. You just have to find someone suitable, then get in contact.

4. Emailing Add-Ons

It would be hard to find a modern office that doesn't use emails; in fact, it might just be impossible. However, business owners shouldn't stop at the service itself – there are plenty of add-ons for each one that you can use to optimize productivity.

Common add-ons allow users to set a template message without having to copy and paste, which is great for replying to common queries in a heartbeat, while others can send draft emails are pre-set times, so employees can write out emails ahead of time, then get back to work without worrying about when they need to send them.

The more productive a business, the more it's going to make. However, productivity isn't all about working harder – it's also about working smarter. Use the tools and services on this list to do just that.


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