Don't Forget These Tips When Designing Custom Badges for Private Security Personnel

Posted on: 29 March 2016

Private security personnel typically need custom badges created for them so that they can be easily identified by members of the public and are quickly allowed access to all areas of a property, to an emergency or crime scene and the like. Designing custom badges may be more difficult than you realize simply because you have so many choices and design options, so note a few tips before you start shopping. This will ensure you choose custom badges for your private security personnel that look good and function as they should.

1. Choose a design theme and stick with it

It's typically good if all the badges used by your private security personnel stay within a certain theme or type of design according to their department. This gives your personnel a uniform appearance and makes them easy to identify. As an example, you might opt for stars or metro style badges for security personnel, and then shields for medical personnel or volunteer firefighters. Whatever your choice, try to avoid mixing up the styles for each type of personnel, meaning that all your security personnel should wear only star styled badges, and all medical personnel should wear only shield badges.

2. Be careful of abbreviations

Security personnel may wear tie clips with abbreviations that designate their department, such as "QMP" for Queensland Medical Personnel. These can be nice for a tie clip worn for a formal occasion, but be cautious about using abbreviations on custom badges. This is because members of the public may not realize what those abbreviations stand for and this can cause problems in an emergency situation. Someone may not realize that "MS" stands for "medical staff" or "PP" stands for "police personnel," and the like, and your personnel may be denied access to emergency scenes. Be sure that any wording on a badge is spelled out so it can be easily read  and understood even in emergencies.

3. Choose something bolder for persons in authority

A captain, lieutenant, or anyone else who has more authority than your standard security personnel should have a badge that easily identifies their added authority. This can be a larger badge, a star with more points on it, something in another color, and so forth. Your own security personnel need to immediately recognize when someone in authority arrives on a certain scene if they don't know them personally, and this also helps everyone at a location to know the person in charge and identify him or her quickly and easily.  


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